16th PVRA Will Make Its First Internasional Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection In London’s Runway Stage

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Jakarta– Supported byTokopedia as its event partner, the special capsule collection, will be shown at London Fashion Scout 2019. Fashion Scout is set up to bring in selected international designers to showcase during London Fashion Week the city’s most prestigious fashion event.

This collection is inspired the by richness of Indonesian traditional costume culture, and the beautiful philosophy behind it. On a Sumatran traditional wedding, the women must wear a traditional hair ornaments known as Sunting or Kembang Goyang (also known as The Trembling Flower). These ornaments can weight up to as heavy as S kilograms, but must be worn beautifully for hours throughout the ceremony. Though it sounds hard to do, a beautiful philosophy stands behind it. It is believe as a representation of the many and hard responsibilities that comes for a women after marriage, yet it all must be done gracefully. This collection is about these women, and how we believe that: Yes, us women can really do it all, beautifully.

Layering detail of overlapping straps is applied throughout the design, representing those many responsibilities. Shoes will range from pointy silhouette to strappy sandals, from our classic flats to 7 centimeters blocked heels all wrap in our handpicked genuine leather. Warm neutral hues are mixed with soft rosy coral tones. Our signature handcrafted three-dimensional beadwork, are inspired by the beautiful golden fiower-ly design of a Sunting.This represent the beauty, the grace, that comes in every little steps of these wonder women.
Hardworking, yet always beautiful looking meet, The Trembling Flower, Jakarta (01/02/19).(Evelyne)

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